The New York E-waste law has some limited success in portions of the state in its first year of progress. After a year of a progressive e-waste law being passed, the success of it varies depending on where you live.

There was a report prepared that detailed the progress. There has been a huge enhancement of e-waste collection sites across the state. A large surge of recycling of e-waste has occurred in many areas of New York, but the same success is not seen in New York City specifically. Since so many people have to use public transportation to get from one place to another, and so many people don’t have cars, it is hard for people to recycle their e-waste.

Not-for-profit companies like the Lower East Side Ecology Center have made it a little easier for residents to recycle their electronic waste.

The mandatory collection targets are reached for the first year, and there is a huge amount of companies that are helping people recycle their electronic waste.

There needs to be more education and teaching of the public to help people learn to recycle their electronic waste. Most people don’t know about recycling their electronic waste. They have no idea how to do it, and they are not sure it can even be done.

Electronic waste is a big problem for most states, but recycling it is the answer to help alleviate the problems now and for many years to come.

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