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The Greenest Parts of the United States

By taking the time to have a quick look around the United States someone can find a wide range of different states out there that do their part to recycle. Among the more “green” states are definitely California, Oregon and Washington each of which offers incentives to recycle. These are places where the need to create a more ecologically sound world are abundantly clear and encouraged. The West tends to do a lot of recycling to go green. In the Eastern parts of the US there are plenty of industrial efforts to curb pollution and other problems related to production. These efforts have made the skies clearer and cut down on various carcinogens that are present in the air, water and food. All over the nation there are recycling centers to accommodate those who are looking to make the world a more beautiful place. Hybrid cars, alternative power sources and activism against destructive production that have become commonplace in many large corporations.

Other states that do a great job with maintaining a green infrastructure include Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Nevada, Hawaii, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Colorado.  Hawaii and Nevada tie for producing the least toxic waste in the entire country (987 tons).  Idaho succeeds at relying on alternative energy, where 84.5% of it is considered under this category.  Vermont stands above the other 49 states by leaving the smallest carbon footprint.

Creating a healthier and more ecologically conscious United States is something that everyone needs to work towards if there is going to be an improvement in this country. These greener parts of the country can be inspiring for making a difference from coast to coast.  We are on the right path, which can be seen by the 100% increase in total recycling in the US in the last 10 years alone.  But we are still years from having an environmentally-savvy country where everyone knows what to recycle, where to do it, and why it is so important.

Orlando Recycles is a beacon of e-waste management in central Florida.  In addition to handling tons (literally) of electronic waste annually, we encourage residents of towns such as Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Winter Park, and all over the state to think before throwing out old computers, laptops, and even their business surplus at the workplace.  Please give us a call (407-273-1395) today if you have questions about disposing your e-waste.


Uncommon Places to Recycle

The most common places to recycle are typically in our home or building where we live. There are, however, items that we cannot recycle at these locations. We must frequent other uncommon places in order to carry out our recycling duties as responsible citizens working to keep it green. These uncommon places are also important to know about if the place where one lives does not have a recycling system in place. This is especially necessary if one has a business that accumulates a lot of relatively uncommon waste items.

Some of these places, like our establishment, will often pay for the reusable recyclables and pick them up as well. Some retail stores like Advanced Auto Parts or Jiffy Lube will accept various automotive items such as used motor oil, transmission fluid, and car batteries. Most cities have a city recycling center that people can bring their used oil filters, old tires, and small appliances too.. They are good places to bring any hazardous waste including paint thinners, adhesives, latex paint, varnish, and oil based paint, among others. Home Depot is another good place people might not think to bring their recyclable materials to. They take cell phones, compact fluorescent light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and non-automotive lead-acid batteries.

For household furniture, books, clothing, vehicles, and reusable appliances, Salvation Army is an option. The Salvation Army strives to “meet human needs…without discrimination.” The computer company HP offers a recycling service for used printer ink cartridges as well as any computer hardware. Whole Foods Market will take any water filters, and plastic #5 products.

As we can see there are a number of generally uncommon places we are able to recycle. For help in finding these locations, visit Earth’s 911, Waste Wise (an EPA program), FreeCycle, and Waste Watch to name a few websites.

If you have used electronics and other items and you’re not sure where to dispose of them in Orlando, please contact us at Orlando Recycles today.  As a business, keep in mind we take the following items:

  • Computers: desktops and laptops
  • Computer parts and accessories
  • Monitors: flat panel and flat screen
  • Telecom: VOIP and PBX, conference equipment
  • Networking components: servers, routers, switches and more
  • Office Electronics: fax machines, printers, scanners, copiers
  • Medical equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Photography equipment
  • Video equipment
  • Audio equipment
  • Musical equipment
  • Radio equipment
  • Tools
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Capital equipment

Call (407)273-1395 today.

Are You Losing Room in Your Office?

So you got a new express laser printer in your office.  There’s a server in the back that processes information at the speed of light.  You’re stocked with new computers, monitors, and a multitude of other electronics that are increasing the efficiency of your technological endeavors to no end.  Then you realized you’re completely barricaded in by all the new flashy equipment and can’t even make your way to the bathroom.  Are you losing ground in your own workplace?

Of course, the layout is going to be extremely important.  There’s no benefit to having everything in the office haphazardly placed in random areas (and it certainly kills the feng shui).  In more recent years, we’ve seen the shift away from cubicles to open workspaces that increase collaboration and discourage isolation.  A great way to save space is also selecting electronics that may be smaller in size.  Your express laser printer might be great, but if it’s the size of a European car, it might prove troublesome in your office.

Going with cloud computing, and keeping your data digital instead of restricted to paper, will help tremendously.  Data backup and IT solutions are becoming more commonly outsourced, so your dependence on in-house electronics equipment might not be as necessary as originally planned.  The costs for these services are also often times becoming cheaper with a third party these days.

The most critical reason office space is cluttered is because there’s so much stuff employees simply do not need. This means arbitrary decorations and furniture, oversized desks and tables, and old, unused equipment.  Don’t get used to seeing the eyesore of old computers and laptops lying around your office, collecting dust.  Remove them from the workplace, and make money doing it immediately!  Contact Orlando Recycles today.  We specialize in visiting your location and removing the business surplus you no longer need, while also giving you a reasonable offer on all these electronics. Call 407-273-1395.

Proper Disposal for Electronics

About half the U.S. states have enacted laws that outline the proper disposal for electronics, or e-waste. The first state to adopt such laws was California.  Many other states have followed, and it is expected that all states will eventually have e-waste disposal laws.  It is expected that not following state laws for electronics disposal will carry both cash fine and possibly jail time penalties.  With so many health hazards linked to electronics and our overflowing landfills, both consumers and businesses must become mindful of proper disposal of electronics.

Here is a brief outline of how to handle unwanted e-waste:

  • Educate yourself on the recycling locations in your area.  Some are run by local government.  Some are independently owned and operated.
  • Educate yourself on the e-waste disposal laws in your state.
  • If you find a place that says it recycles e-waste, do a little research on the company.  Do they have any sort of certification?  Does the EPA recognize them as an appropriate location that can efficiently acquire e-waste?  Lastly, do they comply with the most recent industry guidelines for handling e-waste?
  • Once you select a location for recycling, be sure to remove all sensitive information from all your devices, which is best done by erasing the hard drive.

Correctly disposing electronics isn’t as nearly as difficult as it was in prior decades.  Being able to reduce your environmental impact gives you a great peace of mind.  Orlando Recycles specializes in the recycling of electronics, contributing to the effort to keep e-waste out of landfills.  Contact us today at 407-273-1395.

Is it Time for Your Business to Buy New Electronics?

When your business is nearing the time to buy new electronics, it will be fairly apparent.  Most of your software will be stored on floppy disks and your computer monitors will weigh the same as many European cars.  Even if it isn’t that drastic, there are many obvious telltale signs for an upgrade.

Here are some of the main points to consider:

  • Some people swear by the usability of older operating systems, but with ongoing concerns about computer and network security, the newest operating systems are always going to have the best safety measures and the most consistent updates to go with them.  Old software is susceptible to viruses and malware. Software is also often times expensive, so it’s more of a reason to purchase a new machine. It is important to always consider the security of the sensitive information of your company.
  • If your computer is falling short because of its processing ability, it brings down the productivity of your business.  Now, more than ever, people are multi-tasking with dozens of computer operations simultaneously, and many of them are memory-intensive.  Newer computers and laptops have substantial processors, graphics cards, RAM, and other advanced hardware.
  • If you electronics aren’t compatible with new software and complementary electronics, it probably means that this equipment is outdated, and also means that repairs and technical support for them will be costly or non-existent.

If you do end up replacing your old equipment with more current models, don’t throw your old equipment in the trash!  Contact Orlando Recycles about possibly purchasing and definitely recycling your obsolete equipment.  We come to your business at no cost to you! Call us today at (407)273-1395.

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