E-Waste, or electronic junk, has now become a sort of enterprise; and, a rapidly growing one across the globe. Just what is this form of recycled waste? Basically, it is discarded mountains of electronic devices which are abandoned on a daily basis in favor of newer modeled equipment. What may have seemed like an insurmountable and undesirable situation to many has now turned into a revenue generating opportunity for others.

A Trade Develops

During the early 1990s, the governments of Japan, the European Union and some states within the United States, engaged in setting up e-waste “recycling” systems. A promising new industry emerged and was developed; scrap yards discovered valuable materials which could be extracted prior to the actual recycle process.

Abundant resources such as iron, copper, nickel, silicon and last, but not least, gold itself, made this a most profitable venture. On the average, one cell phone contains 19 percent copper and eight percent iron.

Present Day Industry

As a result, an exploding industry in discarded electronics provides employment for thousands of people worldwide.​

In the city of Delhi alone, there are approximately 10,000 – 20,000 tons of electronic waste processed each year by 25,000 employees; most of it by hand. There are other large scrap yards of discarded electronics booming in the cities of Ferozabad, Bangalore and Mumbai that provide employment for many workers.

Today, recycled electronic equipment provides revenue for the manufacturers, the recyclers and their processors and even for those discarding the devices. What looks like a horrendous recycling dilemma to some people, has turned into a blessing of sorts to others.

Orlando Recycles specializes in the management of e-waste, but we don’t attempt to salvage precious minerals from discarded electronics.  Instead, it is our mission to restore the functionality of thousands of electronics to decrease dependency on the constant purchase of new equipment.  We offer free electronics pickup services and also pay for a variety of different electronics.  Call us at (407)273-1395.