When it comes to environmental initiatives, India is not necessarily the country that most people would think of as being a leader in the field. Contrary to popular opinion, India does lead the world in terms of the sheer volume of electronics waste which gets recycled and reused. India is so efficient in fact, that nations from around the world send their discarded electronics components to India for recycling.

Given the amount of discussion about preserving the environment and recycling that occurs in so-called developed nations, it may surprise you to learn of the great record that India has in this category. In reality, this demonstrates that where other nations express their concern and alarm about this issue, India has quietly managed to become a world leader in electronics waste recycling.

Large manufacturers of electronics realize that the resources of the world are scarce. As the locating and acquisition of raw materials for use in electronics becomes more expensive, recycling components that have reached the end of their useful lives becomes a more attractive proposition. For this reason, many large electronics manufacturers operate recycling operations in India. These facilities are owned by the corporations outright in some cases, and in other cases the facilities are operated by local business people in partnership with the multinational corporations.

Rather than being content to rest upon its laurels, India is actively pursuing methods to grow its lead in the electronics waste recycling field; exploring new and more efficient options. India is actively seeking opportunities to train and employ more of its workforce in this field, with an eye toward the future and the expected further expansion of the consumer electronics category. The impressive leadership shown by India in this field is poised to expand rapidly in the coming years.