In regards to what makes India so efficient while handling E-waste, the reasons lie in what is made available through various disposal facilities located throughout India. These facilities are designed to handle computers, cell phones and other electronic components deemed unsafe for traditional landfills. The top three companies offering this type of safe disposal for 2012, include E-Parisaraa, Earth Sense Recycle and Trishyiraya Recycling. The main purpose of using special E-waste facilities for disposal of electronics is to prevent the hazardous material they emit from getting into the region’s water supply where it can cause health problems for the population.

E-Parisaraa has a recycling facility located in the industrial area in Dabaspet and in the rural region of Bangalore. The services offered by this company include inspection of collected items as well as the disposal of products upon request. When someone requests to have their computer destroyed, the company offers secure data destruction for all of the information contained on the hard drives. The secure data destruction is also used when recycling computers for additional use.

Earth Sense Recycling offers secure disposal of electronics as well as the safe disposal of waste classified as bio-medical material. This company began its recycling efforts in 2000 by accepting used up or old electronic components such as floppy disks, used toner cartridges, CDs and batteries.

Trishyiraya Recycling is located in Chennai and deals in the disposal of various hazardous materials. This company can dispose of chemical waste products as well as electronics. Their electronic waste includes the disposal of cables used for telecommunication systems. This company has a lot of business clients who dispose of electronic components on a regular basis.

All of the electronic recycling centers accept items from private individuals as well as from large corporations. The advances made in India for the proper disposal of electronic materials have significantly improved the country’s environmental status and could set the standard for the rest of the world.