Modern electronics are forever changing to improve outdated methods of development in many areas of our lives including the ordinary lead-based battery. While researchers have found an alternative method of developing the battery that we are familiar with to increase its longevity and increase its power, others are concerned with e-waste and the recycling of the lead-carbon battery. What makes the lead-carbon battery different than an ordinary lead-based battery and are they good for the environment? Can they be recycled? Are they more expensive than the lead-based battery?

While the goal of researchers is to extend the lifetime of an ordinary battery, thus offering more power by developing the lead-carbon battery, there are experts who are concerned about the environment. The lead-carbon battery is developed with the use of existing raw materials. They are inexpensive and recyclable, yet extracting the material from the earth will forever change the landscape. This, of course, is the opinion of those who have a healthy concern for the environment.

Those who research lead-carbon batteries use alternative methods of development than those who manufacture the ordinary lead-based battery. Lead sulfate paste and carbon additives are blended together to develop negative electrodes. Split electrodes are the developed where half of a negative electrode is lead and the other half is carbon. They then use a carbon electrode process to replace the lead-based negative electrode. Tests have been done to compare the ordinary battery and the lead-carbon battery and it continues to take place.

Test results show that the lead-carbon battery does have a longer lifetime and more power than lead batteries. The new lead-carbon battery is also more affordable than the lead battery. Raw materials are extracted from the earth to manufacture the lead-carbon battery and this is where the controversy begins. Even though recycling the lead-carbon battery is possible, the use of raw materials may cause harm to the environment. Improved electronics in modern day society are not always beneficial to the environment and there are experts who believe that our ordinary lead-based batteries are more than satisfactory even though they don’t last as long and do not have as much power as a lead-carbon battery.

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