One of the biggest barriers to recycling in the U.S. is a simple lack of knowledge. Most Florida residents are quite willing to recycle but do not know how or what to recycle. Education on this topic can make a big difference.

Currently, only half of Americans recycle on a daily basis, and a whopping 13% aren’t recycling at all. Studies show that this isn’t because people do not care. Well over half of the citizens polled recognize that recycling reduces landfills while saving energy and trees.

The problem is that most residents do not know what items can safely be recycled. For example, wax paper and cardboard that has food wastes on it is not recyclable, yet most residents believe that both pizza boxes and juice boxes can be recycled. On the flip side of this, about a third of residents did not know that crayons, cat litter and trophies can be recycled. Most were aware that phone books and egg cartons can be recycled. When unsure about whether an item can be recycled, about half said that they simply throw the item away. Only 18% look up information on whether the item can be recycled before tossing it if they are unsure.

The top reasons for not recycling are that the recycling center is too far away or people feel they do not have time.

The good news is that solutions to these problems are simple. With basic educational materials such as magnets or handy pamphlets, citizens can have accessible guidelines reminding them about what can and can’t be recycled. Recycling companies that make recycling easier, more convenient, or profitable for citizens fill the gap and make recycling even more likely.

While recycling is an ongoing concern, taking simple educational steps and making recycling easier and more convenient can go a long way. Our blog provides plenty of information on recycling in Florida if you are unsure about other things.

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