Earth Day was established to raise awareness of the well-being of our planet. Events are organized around the world to show appreciation to the environment. On April 22nd, these events along with the media will spread the word on how to become green. Activities will include volunteer work such as cleaning the roads and planting trees. The purpose is to get more and more people involved in improving the earth’s condition.

The idea of Earth Day came from Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. During the time of anti-war movements, Senator Nelson wanted that much attention to be brought to the environment. Overlooked problems like pollution and wildlife extinction pushed him into becoming an environmentalist.

There were many who were against Earth Day for different reasons. Yet, these problems caused over 20 million Americans to protest on April 22, 1970. The uproar had a major impact on the country. However, it was not until 1990 when Earth Day spread to the rest of the world. 141 countries showed their interest in helping protecting the planet and speaking out on Earth Day.

Twenty years later, Earth Day has gained even more support and attention. The issues of climate change, pollution and other problems have been brought to light because of it. More people are adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle that includes recycling and DIY projects. We’re becoming aware of the chemicals that harm us and our environment. Thus, changing the way many companies make their products.

Today, Earth Day gives us a chance to stop and think about the earth in the midst of our full lives. It draws attention to a subject that affects everyone. Parents are even getting their children involved in Earth Day activities. April 22nd is not just a day of awareness. It has become a day of celebrating those who strive to protect our home.

We are excited about Earth Day and the Orlando community’s ongoing contributions to going green and staying savvy with recycling.  If you have business surplus in Florida you’d like to be properly disposed of, and some that could potentially earn you some cash, contact us at Orlando Recycles today at (407)273-1395.