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Laptop Recycling

Laptops have become extremely convenient to bring about anywhere in our daily lives. With their slim and lightweight build they are a part of our everyday life that we often take for granted. This also makes it easier for someone to throw out a laptop once it needs repair, ages out of function, or is no longer of use to the owner for some other reason. The same goes for a business who upgrades their business laptops. It’s convenient to box up the old business laptops and leave it in the supply closet until they are inevitably thrown into the dumpster. However, while these are convenient options for getting rid of laptops, it is not the proper way to remove them. Laptops should never be thrown away; instead they should go to an electronic recycler. Electronic recyclers, such as Orlando Recycles, ensure that your laptops don’t end up in a landfill. Not only does Orlando Recycles have a no-landfill guarantee, but we also will pay for your business laptops in many cases.  Our free pickup, monetary compensation, & eco-friendly removal make your laptop recycling process a no-brainer.

Recycling Business Laptops
In the evolving age of working remotely laptops are becoming more and more essential. This means many companies are upgrading their laptops more frequently in order to keep up a competitive edge.  If your company has decided to do an equipment upgrade and you’re not sure what to do with your old laptops, call Orlando Recycles today. The worst decision a business can make during a laptop upgrade is to wait to sell their old laptops. The longer you wait to sell your laptops the more their value depreciates. The faster you decide to recycle your laptops with Orlando Recycles, the more monetary compensation you will receive!

Recycling Personal Laptops
We all know someone who has held onto a laptop well beyond the time they should of. It’s very convenient to just toss a laptop in a junk drawer, under the bed, or anywhere else where it’s not getting in the way. However eventually you’re going to have to get rid of your old personal laptop somehow.  While we are not authorized to purchase your personal laptops, we are still here to help you recycle it properly. Our process still will ensure your laptop does not end up in a landfill. Our dropbox is currently out of service, however, any after hour drop-offs can be  placed on the ground to the right of the metal ramp in front of the stairs or directly on the ramp. We should have our dropbox back later in the year. If you come during our business hours of 10AM-5PM you can give us a call at 407-273-1395 and we will assist you with your unloading process.

If you have a business that is looking to get rid of laptops, or if you are wondering where to recycle your personal laptop give Orlando Recycles a call today 407-273-1395. Our team has been recycling laptops for over 10 years and will ensure your recycling process is an enjoyable one.

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