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Where Can I Recycle my TV?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

where can i recycle my TV central florida orlando winter park

The thrill of purchasing a new television is a feeling that men and women everywhere love to experience. From the start of the browsing whether it’s online or in store, finding a deal you are happy with, to the installation excitement is apparent at all times. However, after you receive a new television you are now tasked with figuring out what to do with your old television. Like most electronics, you are aware that televisions should never be thrown away in the garbage. Just like other electronics, TVs contain many toxic chemicals that are harmful to our environment. You may be wondering “Well if I can’t throw away my TV, how do I get rid of my TV?” The answer is, instead of throwing away your TV you should recycle it through your TV through an electronic recycling company. Electronic recycling companies ensure that your television is properly recycled whether it’s functional or non functional. This makes sure that your TV does not end up in a landfill and keeps your community clean!

Where Can I Recycle my TV?

Now that you know how to properly recycle your television, you’re probably wondering “Where can I recycle my television?” If you’re in the Central Florida area the simplest way to recycle your television is to recycle it through Orlando Recycles. Orlando Recycles has been assisting Central Florida residents and businesses for over the past decade. If you have TV’s that you’re not using, not functioning properly, or are looking to dispose of for any other reason give Orlando Recycles a call. Our tech experts will work with you over the phone to determine if your TV is eligible for our recycling program. If your TV is eligible for our recycling program we will then schedule you a time to come to our facility and drop the television off. Upon arrival our procurement team will come outside and remove your television for you. Once we receive your television we will then analyze it for it’s functionality. We will determine if your television will be repurposed and find a new home or if it will be broken down to component parts and recycled in that fashion.

How Do I Know If My Television is Eligible for Recycling?

Before you bring your television for recycling without calling (trust me this happens more often than you’d think), it is best to give us a call and make sure your television is eligible for recycling to begin with. CRT televisions, which are the old tube televisions that were made from the 70’s until around the early 2000’s, contain toxic chemicals that are far more harmful to not only the environment but anyone who handles them incorrectly as well. Orlando Recycles, like 99% of other electronic recycling companies, are not able to recycle CRT televisions because they are not equipped with the proper technology to do so. Occasionally we are able to help you recycle a CRT television that is still functioning as we have connections with partners who use the monitors for activities such as retro-gaming. However you would need to provide us with specific model numbers and other information about the television and get our approval before you bring it in. So in order to save yourself a trip where you’re lugging around a television that is well over 100lbs to only be turned away, do yourself a favor and call Orlando Recycles before you decide to recycle your television.

For more information about recycling your TV in the Orlando or Central Florida area give Orlando Recycles a call today at 407-273-1395. Our tech experts are available to answer any of your questions or get you scheduled for your TV recycling service Monday through Friday 10AM-5PM.

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