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#1 Eco-Friendly Decision an Office Can Make

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

eco-friendly descision the office can make recycling ewaste computers and laptops

As humanity has progressed we have come to realize the importance of protecting our beautiful planet we call home. Now people all over the world go to great lengths to ensure they are making proper decisions in regards to disposing of items that affect the environment. You can see these changes being made on an everyday basis, from the popularity of electric cars, countries shifting to cleaner energy, the recycling of everyday items, and more! Eco-Friendly decisions have now become a forethought to people all over the world. One Eco-Friendly decision an office can make to protect the environment is to use an electronic recycler. Using an electronic recycling service for your office ensures that you are properly disposing of all of your office electronics, thus keeping our environment clean!

What is an Electronic Recycler?

An electronic recycler is someone who offers assistance with recycling electronics properly. Typically this comes in the form of an electronic recycling company. Electronic recycling companies have experts who remove your company’s old electronics, such as computers, laptops, servers, printers, telecom equipment, etc., and then will either try to repurpose the equipment if possible or break this equipment down to its component parts and properly recycle the parts. An electronic recycling company’s goal is to not allow any electronic waste to enter a landfill. When electronics enter a landfill this causes a world of problems for the environment. Instead of taking the lazy route and tossing your old computers in the dumpster (yes companies actually do this), contact your local electronic recycling company like Orlando Recycles today!

Why Should I Recycle my Electronics with Orlando Recycles?

When your company decides to recycle their electronics, if you are in the Central Florida area, there is no better option than calling Orlando Recycles. Orlando Recycles has assisted offices and other businesses with their electronic recycling for over a decade now. The reason we are the #1 Electronic Recycling company in Central Florida is because of how simple our process is. We offer free pickup for businesses in our area and in many cases we can pay you for recycling your electronics with us. All you have to do is give us a call to get scheduled for your free pickup, our experts will then come to your office and remove all your equipment for you. After your electronics have been removed and loaded up in our truck it will be taken to our facility to be evaluated. If the equipment is functioning properly we will then send your company a business check!

Orlando Recycles’ electronic recycling process takes less energy than removing and throwing your electronics in the office dumpster and allows you to get paid while recycling them properly. To schedule your free pickup today contact us either through phone, form submission or email!

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