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Can You Recycle Lab Equipment?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

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After lab equipment has reached its purpose, oftentimes the company or scientists who were using the lab equipment are left with a final problem “How do I recycle lab equipment?” The best answer is to go through an electronic recycling company like Orlando Recycles. Orlando Recycles has been assisting companies with their electronic recycling, including lab equipment, for over 10 years now. Our simple process is why we have been trusted by Central Florida laboratories and other companies. Our process ensures that none of your lab equipment enters the landfill and helps keep Central Florida clean!

How Can I Recycle My Lab Equipment?

If you are located in the Orlando, or Central Florida area, and are looking to recycle your unwanted lab equipment Orlando Recycles is your best option for disposal. Our simple process is one of the reasons we have been Central Florida’s premier lab equipment recycling company for over a decade. First you will contact one of our technology experts by either phone, email, or form submission. After we put in contact with you from your inquiry we will have a brief discussion about the lab equipment you want to recycle. We will want to know the basics such as the brand, their model numbers, technical specifications such as processor speed, RAM, and of course the quantity of your lab equipment. The more information you have on the equipment the more accurate of an initial quote we can provide.

Once we have come to an understanding of what lab equipment you want to recycle we will then set up a date for your free pickup. Our procurement experts will come to your business at your desired date and time to remove, unload, organize, palletize, and load up your equipment for you! Our procurement team has been optimizing their removal process for over ten years and will ensure that they will work as efficiently as possible. Their expertise will allow your company to continue to operate as usual during the removal process.

After your lab equipment has been loaded up and delivered back to our facility our tech experts will begin to evaluate it. Assuming the lab equipment is working properly and is as described during our initial conversation we will then offer you a final quote. Once you accept the bid offer we will then mail you a business check in the mail! That’s right your business will be getting paid for recycling their lab equipment!

Don’t Wait

A mistake we often see is labs or other companies waiting a long time to recycle their lab equipment. The longer you wait to recycle your lab equipment the more that lab equipment depreciates in value. This means in order for you to get the best payout possible for your equipment you should contact Orlando Recycles as soon as possible! Our experts are ready to help and can be contacted by phone during our business hours of 10AM-5PM Monday through Friday. If you are unable to contact us during that time you can leave a voicemail message or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible! If you are interested in recycling your personal lab equipment we have an electronic recycling bin. Contact us today at 407-273-1395.

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