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One Easy Action To Help #KeepOrlandoBeautiful

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

one easy action to help keep orlando beautiful ewaste recycling near me center central florida

As the awareness of eco-friendly actions to take become more well known and innovative, making sure you make the proper decisions to help keep our environment beautiful is now a thought in the forefront of everyone’s minds. Citizens of Orlando and Central Florida are very conscious when it comes to the decisions they make and their effects on the environment. However there is one action that even many eco-friendly experts aren’t aware they can do differently in order to help their environment. This action is proper electronic recycling. In order to help keep Orlando and the rest of the Central Florida community beautiful it is crucial that you know how to properly recycle your electronics.

How Do I Recycle Electronics?

At Orlando Recycles we understand that people don’t maliciously throw away their electronics but they do it out of lack of knowledge on the subject. It is our goal to share the knowledge with everyone in the Orlando community and beyond in order to keep our environment clean. It is not well known that you should never throw away your electronics. Instead of throwing your electronics away in the garbage, you should contact your local electronic recycling company. Orlando Recycles is Orlando’s leading electronic recycling center and for good reason! Our process ensures that none of your electronics end up in a landfill whether your electronics are functioning properly or not! Also, if you are a business that is looking to recycle your electronics properly, we will offer an opportunity for free pickup and in many cases we will pay you for recycling your electronics.

What is the Electronic Recycling Process?

Our simple, environmentally friendly, and fiscally beneficial process is why Orlando Recycles has been Orlando’s #1 electronic recycling company for over a decade. If you are an individual who is interested in recycling your personal electronics, that is a service we provide for free! Simply give us a call, tell us some information about the electronics you want to recycle and schedule a time during our business hours of 10AM-5PM Monday through Friday and our team will assist with your drop off when you arrive. If you are unable to come during our business hours we have an electronic recycling bin available for everyone 24/7!

If you are a business owner or manager of some sort and you are interested in making your office as environmentally friendly as possible, Orlando Recycles is here to help you every step of the way. A common scenario we come across is an office upgrading it’s computers, laptops, IT equipment, or other electronic equipment and they are unsure how to remove their old electronics. Not only will Orlando Recycles remove the old electronics for free and with no hassle of your employees, but in many cases we will pay you for your electronics. The way to begin this process is to give us a call and give us as much information as possible about your equipment. This would include an estimate of quantity, brand, processor, RAM, and any other specs you know on the equipment! This information will help us give you the best initial quote possible. After we have some basic information on the electronics we will then schedule your free pickup! Once our procurement experts arrive they will remove the electronics, organize them, and load them up as efficiently as possible. Once your electronics return to our facility we will then examine them for functionality and ensure the specs provided were accurate. Assuming after examination everything was described properly we will then send your business a check for your electronics!

When you partner with Orlando Recycles your business will get paid for making the right decisions in terms of not throwing your electronics away! If you are only looking to recycle your personal electronics, you are receiving a free electronic recycling service that costs money at many places. For more information give Orlando Recycles a call at 407-273-1395.

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