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Who Offers Electronic Recycling in Orlando?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

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Orlando is arguably one of the most beautiful cities, not only in the United States, but in the world. One of the reasons “The City Beautiful” remains beautiful is because of the city’s progressive steps to keep its environment clean. One of the actions the citizens of Orlando take to ensure their environment stays clean and their city remains beautiful is proper electronic recycling. While the city of Orlando doesn’t offer an electronic recycling service as part of it’s waste management program, Orlando Recycles is the city’s best and most efficient electronic recycling program. For over a decade Orlando Recycles has been assisting Orlando residents with their electronic recycling needs. Not only do we assist Orlando residents with their personal electronic recycling needs, but we also have assisted Orlando businesses with their electronic recycling needs as well. In addition to assisting Orlando businesses with their electronic recycling, we can also pay them for recycling their electronics properly! That’s right, not only do we offer free pickup for Orlando businesses, but in many circumstances we can pay them for doing their part by recycling electronics in Orlando properly.

How do I Recycle Electronics in Orlando?

If you live in Orlando, or the Central Florida area, Orlando Recycles is the best option for you to recycle your electronics. Our process is extremely simple and is the reason our company has been Orlando’s #1 electronic recycling center for over a decade! All you have to do is give us a call to let us know when you would like to drop off your electronics for recycling. This step only helps our team know when to expect you and assist you with your unload process. If you come during our business hours of 10AM-5PM we will come outside and help you unload your electronics. Once your electronics arrive to our facility we will wipe all of your data off of them and ensure they are recycled properly. Even if your electronics are broken, our experts will demanufacture them and recycle them. If you are unable to come to our facility during our business hours of 10AM-5PM Monday through Friday we offer a recycling bin that is available 24/7 to everyone! All you have to do is come to our facility and place your items in our recycling bin at the front of it at your convenience!

How Can I Recycle my Business Electronics in Orlando?

Recycling your businesses electronics in Orlando has never been easier with Orlando Recycles assistance! Not only will we come to your Orlando business and offer FREE PICKUP, but in many cases we will pay your business for recycling it’s electronics properly! To get started, all you need to do is contact us either by phone or email. We will try to get an idea of your quantity of the electronics you want to recycle, what exactly you have to recycle, and a date you would like to schedule your pickup for. After we schedule your free pickup our procurement experts will arrive to your business for your free pickup. They will do all of the removal, organizing, palletizing, and heavy lifting so your employees won’t have to lift a finger! Once your electronics arrive to our facility our experts will assess their functionality and ensure their specs are what were expected. Assuming the electronics were working properly and match the description of what was discussed, we will then send your business a final quote. Once that is accepted we will mail you a business check! It’s as easy as that!

To start your Orlando electronic recycling experience or if you have any questions about the process give us a call today at 407-273-1395!

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